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As humans we are limitless beings. We are only confined by the limits that we place on ourselves. It is our mission to help our clients “Un-Limit” their thinking in order to accomplish their goals and live the life of their dreams.

Brandice's unique approach to life coaching creates a unique and individualized plan for each client. Her natural intuition, formal training and personal life experience gives her the ability to help you overcome challenges in all aspects of your life. Brandice is an intuitive healer and can include spiritual readings in your coaching plan.

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Brandice Taylor-Davis is a single mother and entrepreneur whose made her home in New York, New York since 2010. From a young age, Brandice showed tremendous potential and was a published writer by the age of 14. 

Despite several personal losses (including the passing of her parents, her daughter Miracle, and both grandmothers within a five-year span) she has always pursued and achieved her goals. 

Brandice credits a lot of her to success to principles she learned from the book Believe and Achieve by W. Clement Stone. The book explains the importance and power of positive thinking. 

Unlimit your life



In order to help you reach your personal or career goals, Brandice is available via in-person, telephone, or video messenger for coaching sessions. Each session includes two follow-up emails or one phone call. 

As a licensed vendor with the NYC and Newark, NJ Departments of Education, Brandice is available for booking to speak to your students or group. She also accepts invitations for public speaking, press inquiries and television appearances.

Have questions? Email us: hello@taylordavisagency.com.