Un-Limit Your life

How we can help you:

As humans we are limitless beings. We are only confined by the limits that we place on ourselves. It is our mission to help our clients “Un-Limit” their thinking in order to accomplish their goals and live the life of their dreams.

Brandice's unique approach to life coaching creates a unique and individualized plan for each client. Her natural intuition, formal training and personal life experience gives her the ability to help you overcome challenges in all aspects of your life. Brandice is an intuitive healer and can include spiritual readings in your coaching plan.

In order to help you reach your personal or career goals Brandice is available via in-person, telephone, or video messenger for coaching sessions. Each session includes two follow-up emails.

As a licensed vendor with the NYC and Newark, NJ Departments of Education, Brandice is available for booking to speak to your students or group.   

She is also accepts bookings for public speaking, press inquiries and television appearances.

Have questions? Email us: hello@taylordavisagency.com.

The Un-Limited Life Coach

Brandice Taylor-Davis is a single mother and entrepreneur whose made her home in New York, New York since 2010. From a young age, Brandice showed tremendous potential and was a published writer by the age of 14. 

Despite several personal losses (including the passing of her parents, her daughter Miracle, and both grandmothers within a five-year span) she has always pursued and achieved her goals. 

Brandice credits a lot of her to success to principles she learned from the book Believe and Achieve by W. Clement Stone. The book explains the importance and power of positive thinking. 


What exactly is a Life Coach?

A life coach's main responsibility is to empower you to unlock your full potential in order for you to live your best life. A life coach is someone who motivates you through the challenges you are facing and helps you find ways to accomplish your goals - whatever they may be.

Does this really work? I have tried so many other things before.

Absolutely! You and I are a team and we are going to discover what is temporarily keeping you from your goals and what to do to resolve this. All of the work you have done before will be a foundation for us to finally get the results you want. 

Do I have to have an intuitive reading for you to coach me?

NO! Everything isn't for everyone. The readings are just one of the many tools that I can use to help you overcome your challenges and reach your goal.

How long will it take to fix my problem?

As you may know, each person’s situation is unique, and you will begin to get results from the very first session. As we set goals and define the challenges you are wanting to resolve, it will be easier to give you an estimate of how many sessions will be useful for you to reach your goals. 

How often will we work together?

I find that working in one and a half hour sessions once a week is the most affective. However, the choice is yours to decide what is most convenient for your schedule. 

What kind of clients do you take?

I accept clients of any race, gender, creed, sexual orientation or religious practice that is serious about achieving a goal in their life. Whether it is to improve relationships, buying a new home or career advancement if you have dream you just can't seem to manifest I can help you work toward it with a new approach and fresh eyes.