I'm Sew Dope!

After seeing a need in the community for children and young adults to learn how to sew, I’m Sew Dope! was born. It is our mission to make learning to sew accessible to anyone who wants to learn regardless of their path in life or socioeconomic status. Learning a new skill and being able to see the real-time physical results builds self esteem and confidence in students. We empower our students by teaching them the art of sewing and pattern making.

I'm Sew Dope! is a unique arts workshop that is designed to teach our students the basics of sewing and how to achieve professional results with a minimal budget. While the focus of the class is for our students to learn how to sew they are also practicing team work, entrepreneurship, decision making skills and math skills all while expressing their artistic abilities. Students are introduced to the Law of Attraction and The Butterfly Effect - two life changing principles. 

During the I’m Sew Dope! workshop students learn basic sewing skills and how to design their own clothing patterns. In addition we teach our students the business tips they need to start their own fashion based business. Students also learn the functions of the sewing machine and how to trouble shoot basic sewing machine issues. Throughout the workshop students complete several sewing projects and by the end of the course they are able to sew and design on their o

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