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Brandice is an AUNLP Certified Life Coach, fashion designer, 

artist, teacher, and lifestyle expert based in NYC since 2010.

What Brandice does . . .

Certified Life Coach



Brandice is an AUNLP certified Life Coach who helps her clients unlimit their thinking and learn new ways to achieve their goals including weight-loss, overcoming fear, grief support, getting over a break up, reaching career goals, college coaching, or whatever area you may need help finding ways to Unlimit your thinking. 

Brandice currently coaches business executives, college students, people overcoming loss, new mothers, and people who are sick and tired of not living the life that they desire.

Public Speaking & workshops


Brandice is a motivational speaker and an approved Department of Education Vendor in New York City and Newark, New Jersey. Choose from a variety of workshops  for young adults including: I'm Sew Dope! (sewing instructor), iLoveMe, Using Social Media for Empowerment, The 17 Principles of Success and more. 

Brandice is also available to discuss her book The Declassified College Survival Guide: 10 Necessary Hacks for Students.  

Multimedia Artist + Fashion Designer



Brandice has been creating her entire life. The same year she learned how to sew is also the same year that she had her first essay published; she was 14 years old. 23 years later she is still writing, sewing, designing, singing, playing, painting, shooting, editing and directing. 

In 2016 after becoming a single-mother, Brandice launched Miracle's Mommy - a store that currently supports her art and eventually the art and goods of other single parents.


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